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BrandUscript PR has worked in various industries over the years. Throughout that time, we have worked to create Public Relations and Marketing programs that work best in certain industries. The following are areas in which we have an abundance of experience and resources that helps us provide excellent service to our clients..    .

Professional Athletes/
Celebrity Brands

BrandUscript PR and our partners have a long history of developing and growing brands for Professional Athletes and Celebrities. Our team focuses on leveraging our client's notoriety to build a solid business structure around them.


Experience has taught us that long lasting brands have a strong foundation, along with solid business practices, as a formula for building and maintaining a successful brand. 

Food & Beverage

Launching or growing a business within the Food Industry can be a challenging task. With all of the elements that are involved in developing a quality product, Marketing and Public Relations can seem like the least of your worries.


Our goal is to provide a turnkey solution for each client that supplies everything they need to reach their marketing goals. 


BrandUscript PR has a strong commitment to working with Non-Profit organizations. We understand the balancing act that organizations have to conduct between fundraising and creating awareness. Our team creates effective and impactful programs for non-profit organizations that considers the ongoing need of Donors, Partners, Resources, Awareness, and of course, Fundraising.


From our Principal to our business partners and staff, several members of our company have served on boards and have worked with non-profit organizations for over 20 years. We view ourselves as a partner for every organization that we work with and strive to create memorable campaigns on their behalf.  Ultimately, we dedicate ourselves to ensure that our clients achieve their mission and contribute significantly to their cause.

Hair & Beauty

When it comes to connecting with consumers about their image, brands have to establish a unique bond between their products and the customer. Consumers want to know that they can trust a brand when they need to look their best. Cosmetic products become a part of a person’s daily routine and can help them shape their identity.


To communicate with your consumer base in this way requires a true understanding of the cosmetics industry, lifestyle marketing, along with an abundance of creativity. BrandUscript PR has cultivated an intricate process that pinpoints your customer, develops campaigns that they will identify with, and implement a strategy that lays the groundwork for customer loyalty. 


Personal Branding

BrandUscript PR works with Personal Brands on all levels, whether it’s an internationally known athlete, or a young author writing their first book.  Our namesake is centered upon our ability to develop and strategically grow a client’s brand. We create customized “scripts” to ensure success for each client and to help them achieve their goals.


BrandUscript has developed brands for Authors, Radio Personalities, Professional Athletes, Rappers, Singers, Models, Make Up Artists, Fashion Stylists, DJs and many others.  For all of the personal brands that we work with, we strive to develop each one into a viable business. Notoriety alone isn’t enough, which is the reason why we focus on monetizing personal brands and surrounding them with solid business principles.



Independent Music

To have success as an independent artist or an entertainment company requires a wealth of knowledge and relationships.  The music industry has become increasingly more about developing brands rather than just releasing good music.


From image consulting to relationships with DJs to breaking artists nationally, our team of experts can assist you with obtaining your goals within the music industry, no matter the genre.


Faith Based Organizations

Support for Faith Based Organizations has become a growing opportunity for BrandUscript PR. With an understanding and appreciation for faith based lifestyles, our team is able to implement programs that create awareness, grow attendance & membership, and various other initiatives. 


Our strengths are our ability to identify opportunities for growth and quickly implementing strategies that will impact your organization in a positive way. 

Interior Design

From the start, BrandUscript PR has had a strong appreciation for the Interior Design industry. One of our first clients was a young Interior Designer. Since then, we have worked to develop programs that provide holistic support for designers looking to grow their brands.


The goal of our support is to effectively build a designers brand in any market or on a national level. Our team will incorporate an impactful Public Relations campaign, a turnkey social media system, and a strategic plan to advance the brand of a designer.


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